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Welcome to APVip

The company stems from many years of work with consulting work and leadership development – including especially individual leadership sparring in the company Tindborg Sparring.

After 6 years of development in close cooperation with software developers and customers, we are now where we really make a difference by implementing APVip®. We continue to have close ties to all stakeholders and work network-based in a flexible organisation.

– Annette Tindborg

Annette is able to quickly establish impressive trust, which is the starting point for a focused and professional conversation, from the director's corridor to the production employee at

We chose to bring all employees' input into play in relation to productivity improvements. The conversations with Annette created immediate value on the bottom line, not least because the result was delivered in a form that was easy to use... The results speak for themselves

Henrik KarupCEO i Nopa Nordic

The mission in APVip®

We are passionate about promoting a good working environment and are set up to make it simple and unproblematic for companies and institutions, qualified to handle and optimize well-being and productivity based on employee involvement and dialogue for the benefit of well-being and the bottom line.

These days I sit and think about what our collaboration has contributed to me as a person and at the same time as a company manager. It is fantastic that through dialogue and reflection you can change so many parameters

Michael NielsenOwner i Multivikaren

Who are we?

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